I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. –George Bernard Shaw.

Being a student is not easy. Being a student with the 9-5 work schedule is even harder. As I go through my schedule every day, this is one of the quotes that I repeat every now and then. It works, since I continue with my strife, day in and day out.

I always have believed in having a very balanced lifestyle and as such, always have health-based activities set as my first to-do task every morning. And so, it is no wonder that I hit the gym every day. My mother personally prefers Yoga but I always have preferred working out myself. And so, as soon as I wake up, which is at 5:45 am every morning, I wash my face, get a quick bite of fruit- preferably a banana, and two glasses of water. Then it’s time to head to the gym and work out for an hour. My schedule everyday does not give room for much physical activity since I am always sitting and attending classes. That is why I always work out as a personal prerogative.

I am back home latest by 7:15 am, after which I take a bath, get dressed for the day and have a hearty breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and so I ensure I have a good fill.  My university bus arrives at 7:50 am sharp and as such I leave my home a good five minutes prior. The journey takes roughly an hour and it is then that I catch up on some sleep and listen to my kind of music. Most of the time, it is often instrumental and I think it’s a kind of meditation for me where I visualize where I want to be, my goals and such.

I have classes every day from 9 am up to 5 pm in the evening. And you can guess that that’s very grueling at times. When I do get free classes I often visit the library and complete my assignments and catch up on my studies (so that I am comparatively free to study more at home). If I am free or feeling particularly lazy, a stroll around campus with my friends is refreshing. My campus has beautiful canteens and visiting them is a joy. Being located on the outskirts also ensures that the air is comparatively less polluted than the city.

By the time 5 pm rolls around every one is pretty happy to be going back home (no matter how cool the university may be nothing beats home!). We all get into the buses and I reach home an hour later at around 6:30 pm. The next one hour is spent freshening up, having my dinner, catching up on the current Netflix series I am watching and of course, catching up with the family. I also cover my non-academic work – I am a reviewer and as such I do get quite a lot of review copies from various writers and publishing houses from India and beyond. It is a hectic job but I love every bit of it! I’m earning by reading and reviewing books and I am so grateful for that. I also sometimes make the art prints that are commissioned to me. Perhaps I will speak a bit more about that in a future blog-post!

It is then time for some more studying. Honestly speaking, I always try to finish the assignments at school itself and so I do not have much to do in the evenings. I make my notes, study whatever we have been taught on the day itself, and prepare for any tests etc. Then I make sure I have everything set for the next day- clothes, bags and so on. By 11 pm, I am in bed, sipping the hot cup of chocolate milk my mother makes me every night, and then fall asleep soon.

This is pretty much my everyday routine, from Monday to Friday. The only changes I make are when I need to make outings with the family or such. Being punctual and up to date is my drug. It may sound boastful, I know, but being on top of my game gives me a kind of high which pushes me to do better every day.

I am so grateful that I always get Saturdays and Sundays off and I think my university is perhaps the only one in the state that allows that. My weekends are considerably different from the weekend schedule. Perhaps, I may make a future post about that, if the readers so wish. For now, I shall wind up by stating one other quote that drives me:

Your body can bear anything; it’s your mind that you have to convince!