I sat eyes closed, leant against a tree,
With the sweet smell of spring, and the sound of a bee.

The clear blue brook just trickling by,
Such a lazy day, I could just muster a sigh.

The scent of flowers passing on the breeze,
Being quiet, relaxed and totally at ease.

I woke with a start, my dream pushed away,
The fear is upon me, should I go or stay.

I choose to flea, to try and escape,
but my captor persues with a view to re-tape.

Why did I allow sleep to over take,
I could have got out, what a stupid mistake.

Hours scraping bound arms on broken glass,
Now the chance of freedom is about to pass.

Tiredness and fatigue have taken there toll,
How long was I captive in this submissive roll.

Weeks turned to months, months into years,
ran out of emotion, ran out of tears.

No reason to scream, no reason to shout,
No one could hear me to help me out.

Stuck in the dark, used like a tramp,
familar to the mould and scent of damp.

Was no-one looking, did no-one care,
I wanted to ask, but I didn’t dare.

The being that held me in this terrible place,
had no heart and never showed his face.

How did this happen, it was just circumstance,
to be picked and stolen was just by chance.

I wish one day for my dream to come true,
to be free and be happy, just like you.

But for now I remain in my captive state,
no counting days, I just have to wait.

I hope one day, fed up he will be,
and either release or just kill me.