We accept applicants throughout the year. All interns must be available to work in our office for a minimum of 25 hours a week generally for a term of about three months on a quarterly schedule. Remote internships are more flexible, but interns must be able to commit to working with us for several months. They can begin at any time.

We seek bright, disciplined, self-motivated, committed, and organized interns who are eager to learn. Applicants do not need to have previous publishing experience. They should, however, have a strong interest in pursuing publishing as a career and make the best use of their skills here.

All potential interns should have a BA, excellent writing, critical and analytical reading skills.

Responsibilities will include:

• Reading and responding to query letters.

• Reading and evaluating partial and full manuscripts for agents.

• Writing reader reports.

• Reading and evaluating book proposals and providing editorial feedback.

• Market Research.

• Writing blog posts, web content and social bookmarking.

Since internships are unpaid, interns may set up their own schedules as per their suitable hours with the internship coordinator. We supply letters of recommendation to help start their careers in the publishing industry.

Candidate showing a strong personal interest in books will have an added advantage.

Please mail all your queries to :