Kindle Publishing

Kindle-the revolution in reading

Kindle is the device from Amazon that let people download e-books for free or at an affordable price from Amazon website. Since its introduction ,kindle has been able to change the concept of book reading among billions of users.You can store and carry thousands of books of your choice on this unique device.

Thousands of writers are getting the unique experience by publishing their books through this platform which help to reach millions of users within a short span of time .


Kindle provides the features as far as the book reading is concerned :

1) Its very user-friendly .Its very easy to purchase any book of your choice and it is delivered to your device within a short span of time

2) The device is flexible . With lot more added functionality, user can enjoy reading books.

3) When the Kindle is connected to the internet , you can search through the entire catalogue easily. Books come in at all sorts of prices, many are free and lots are at a low price point to attract readers.

We provide services to convert your manuscripts into digital code for kindle. Please use the contact us form or call us to get in touch with us.

We also provide Editorial and Proof Reading Services for manuscripts.


Other file formats to kindle conversion services

  • Word File to Kindle conversion
  • Excel File to Kindle conversion
  • PDF File to Kindle conversion
  • Adobe InDesign File to Kindle conversion
  • HTML File to Kindle Conversion
  • Printed books to Kindle conversion
  • QuarkXPress to Kindle conversion

Microsoft Word to Kindle publishing service

MS-Word--e1295505615850-80x80Around the world ,most of the documents are written in microsoft word due to its ease of use . It includes essential features like various fonts ,font sizes ,tables ,graphs ,images with adjustable rows and columns and many more . There exists many different codes in a word file which makes the conversion to kindle format a complex task . In order to get a suitable kindle formatted document , professional assistance is highly required .

At Flugelpublishing house , we specialize in converting any Word file into a kindle file format. we take special care while convertin Word documents so that the result represents an exact replica of the original document.

We convert your word file document in to a kindle format through the following steps :

  • Send us the final copy of your Word document to us through e-mail
  • After reviewing your document we will send you a proposal letter with details of cost and time required for the conversion.
  • When you will agree with the proposal and we receive the payment we will start with the conversion.
  • After the completion of the task we will send u a copy of the converted file and if u want to have any corrections you can send us a list of all the changes through an e-mail.
  • We will make all the necessary changes and will make sure you are satisfied with the final outcome.
  • Once finalized we will send you the final copy which can be uploaded into your kindle device.