Book Marketing & Promotion

Regardless of all your effort in writing any kind of book, if you want your book to reach the targeted readers, a book marketing plan is a must. Every manuscript requires a different strategy to optimize your book’s sales potential. FlugelPublishingHouse acts as your personal marketing partner, running campaigns on your behalf in order to reach your book to large number of readers .

Our promotional campaign focuses on getting the readers attention through several medium. You must generate news about your book and learn how to use the media to get that news before the public. By sending out press releases, reaching out to media contacts and handing out printed materials related to your book, you can announce your book to the world on as large a scale as possible.

At FlugelPublishingHouse we incorporate the following strategies for online Book marketing & Promotion:

1.Implementing social media sites : Making your specific page online with Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites to get likes as well as comments as book reviews can attract new and prospective readers.

2.Blog Promotion Service :

3.Internet-based Marketing :Using the Google adwords and other affiliate program we help your book reach out to a worldwide readers .

4.A Multi-step E-mail Marketing Sequence to nurture sales leads who request the book and ultimately sell them your products and services.

5.Utilizing Promotional items (bookmarks, etc)

6.By publishing testimonials by others who have worked with you/read your work .

7. Establishing a Web Presence for your book .(Website)

8. Video Book Trailers