Content Hosting

Flugelpublishinghouse is providing a platform to publishers for selling, marketing and distributing any type of digital content. At FlugelPublishingHouse , we provide a unique and flexible eContent publishing solution for publishers, universities, libraries, and eBook sellers.

You can fulfill your requirement by selecting the various modules offered by us. One of our library modules, for example, is built with features that help users to access subscribed content simultaneously, and group members can share their experiences by commenting on the same text at the same time. It also includes the feature to allow subscribers to recommend one of your publications to their library that helps you to market your content better. With this module, you can also choose how your viewers can read your content as PDF via an Adobe Reader, as HTML, or as Flash, if you want to create a more dynamic reading experience.

Browse Inside and Pay Per Chapter

With the addition of browse and search inside functionality,readers can flip through the publication before they buy it. Flugelpublishinghouse opens the path to generate revenue streams by giving you the opportunity to package your content in a variety of ways, both in terms of the unit of purchase and the type of consumption. Experiment with selling your content at section or chapter level, via pay-per-view or time-based access, or allow your readers to build their own packages from your content.

Online Marketing

There are several online marketing strategies which help you promote your contents .By using our widget, you can promote your new titles and special offers through social networking sites,blogs,RSS feeds and email alerts. Flugelpublishinghouse allows viewers to recommend a title on Facebook or Digg, email it to a friend, or embed the books widget in their website or blog.