Editing Services

All the stories or novels or any writings need some minor or major editing. Small mistakes that are overlooked some time create a bad impression in the mind of readers in the marketplace. This may lead to a cost of thousands of sell. Most of the top publishing houses go through very rigorous and tight editing before releasing a book in the marketplace.

Our editors at FlugelPublishingHouse are published authors, successful screenwriters, ghostwriters, copy-editors and proofreaders, and they will pass on years of writing and publishing experience to help you make the best of your work. We work with new and established authors from every country, in every genre and of every ability. The Editors of FlugelPublishingHouse also has a strong academic tradition and can call on experts from a wide range of disciplines to help our authors.

Substantive Manuscript Editing Service

At FlugelPublishingHouse , we offer the following substantive editing service :

  • Precise and comprehensive revision of the manuscript content and insertion of substantive changes to the text.
  • Correction of the errors in the manuscript language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.
  • Framing the sentence structure, improving word choice.
  • Adjusting the writing style to make it consistent and logical and conform to a chosen standard.
  • Improving the clarity and logic of presentation,to ensure that the intent of the author is presented correctly.
  • Eliminating repetitions,to ensure continuity and logical presentation of the authors’ thoughts and making overall improvement of the manuscript.

Our substantive manuscript editing service cover the following areas :

  • Research papers Manuscript Edit
  • Research reports Manuscript Edit
  • Academic and Non-academic Manuscript edit
  • Books Manuscript edit
  • Newsletters Manuscript Edit
  • Consumer Documentation Manuscript Edit
  • Websites Manuscript Edit
  • Company reports Manuscript Edit
  • Owner Manuals Manuscript Edit
  • Training Manuals Manuscript Edit
  • Business Documents Manuscript Edit
  • Student’s essay Manuscript Edit

If you need any assistance in choosing substantive manuscript editing service for your needs, please call us or use the contact us form to get in touch with us


The proofreading service at FlugelPublishingHouse.com involves:

  • Checking the manuscript thoroughly & finding if there exists any errors.
  • Making proper corrections of the errors
  • Reviewing the manuscript for appropriate capitalization and punctuation
  • Checking the manuscript for consistent use of abbreviations
  • Checking the manuscript for correct documentation of references
  • Checking the manuscript layouts such as headlines, paragraphs, and illustrations for their correct dimensions and placement, type, etc.

If you need any assistance in choosing Proofreading service for your needs, please call us or use the contact us form to get in touch with us